Part One: The Big Idea

Failure is expensive. Prison is expensive. Broken families are expensive. Generations of jobless people in poverty is expensive. I have a big idea. This idea is legislation designed to FIX the broken inner cities. You may think it isn’t possible. It is possible if we start incentivizing the culture that we WANT to see instead of incentivizing failure. Money up front to PREVENT negative outcomes such as broken homes, failing schools, crime, and joblessness is MUCH CHEAPER in the long run. Fixing the black urban culture is something we need to do ourselves. We can make parenting ELITE. We can make studying PAY. We can make families STRONG. We just need to incentivize the culture we want to see.

Part Two:

America First. I have signed Vivek’s pledge to put America, and the American people, first. This means an END to non-stop spending on foreign wars and illegal immigrants. This means an END to lying, cheating, and corrupt power brokers. This means truth, transparency, and trust. See my signed copy of the America First Pledge

Part Three: Abortion

We keep hearing about abortion as a wedge issue. It doesn’t have to be. We need to make MEDICALLY NEEDED abortion federally protected. There is no reason to make a woman worry that her health is in danger. We also need to understand that MONEY is a big reason for abortion. If we help pregnant women, and if we end policies that keep fathers away, we can positively promote life and families. It isn’t about demonizing women, it is about supporting and promoting life and families.

Part Four: The Second Amendment

I support the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment. I know what it is like to get shot in the head in gang violence. I also understand the importance of self-defense. That is why I support gun ownership. Responsible gun ownership. Criminals are always going to get a gun. Let’s reduce crime and treat the mentally ill instead of punishing responsible gun owners.

Part Five: Limited Government

Yes, the government has gotten too top-heavy. To be in fighting shape, America needs to trim the fat. Cutting bureaucracy and the sweet deals that they get is an important job to get done. That is our money. We should be the ones to control our money. It should be transparent, efficient, and limited. It should not be able to abuse power over the American People.

Part Six: Foreign Policy

For too long, America has relied on hard power and regime change instead of soft power and diplomacy. Yes, we should have the best military in the world. But we should only use it in self-defense, not in supporting every conflict on the globe. Our strength should lie in our ideas and our prosperity.

Part Seven: The Environment

We all want renewable energy and a healthy environment for everyone. We understand that the Earth’s resources are not unlimited. But we do not want to force technology that is not ready. We do not want to make poor people suffer while the rich buy off some carbon credits. We believe in a decentralized environmental policy that will allow local businesses and local farms to solve problems that best suit the needs of the community. We want everyone to benefit from green technology, and we believe that force, control, and “greenwashed” big business is not the best way to help the environment.